Georg Latteier who had been running a small beverage company in Dietenhofen/Bavaria since 1889 first discovered the then so called "Sekt-Bronte" on an exhibition in 1924. He acquired the licence for producing and distributing this beverage in his region of Germany.
"Sekt-Bronte" was a non-alcoholic drink made from mate and several other ingredients. The mate tea leaves came from South America, where the indians had discovered the value of mate many centuries before. It was advertised as being "beneficial to health, stimulating, with a rich taste comparable to wine". Also, it was considered to be helpful in curing kidney diseases and losing weight.
The Latteier company delivered only in an area about 10 kilometers around Dietenhofen but the drink soon became a regional success.
World War II ended production of „Sekt Bronte“. But after the war, Bronte was still well known, so production could soon be started again.
In 1957 due to smart investment in fully automated bottling and capping machines and enormous personal commitment of Mr. Suernheimer the company became more and more successfull and the area of distribution larger.
In 1994, due to old age, Mr. Sauernheimer sold the licence for the production of „Sekt Bronte“ to the Loscher brewery in Münchsteinach/Bavaria.
It continues to be sold under its new Name “Club-Mate”.

So, happily, we don’t have to do without it !